Set of Stacked Tetrahexes

Here are the 23 different stacked tetrahexes. There are common names for the seven flat pieces, but for the other ones I chose new names to make it easier to identify the pieces. Especially the pairs with opposite chirality are difficult to distinguish. If you go up the stairs and you have to turn right, they are right stairs. For the scissors or spiral staris it's the same and the seals are looking to the right or left or straigth ahead. Perhaps you may have better names.

To get a physical set I glued 92 M10 nuts with metal glue. Unfortunately the connection isn't that sturdy and the pieces often fall apart, if they dropped. Nuts made of plastics would be better.

Due to the problems with metal nuts, I sawed a hexagonal bar of wood and cut slices from this bar to get solid hexagons. But the pecision of th pieces is a little bit worse.