Stacked Wooden Tritans and Tetratans

To increase the stability of the constructions I cut and glued pieces from MDF with 1cm thickness and a grid size of 3cm.

Then I colored the pieces according to their properties

Property of Pieces Color of Pieces
Height=4 black
Height=3 brown
Two tans in each layerblue
Rectangular trapezium in bottom layermagenta
Three tans in one layer, but no rectangular trapeziumyellow
Only three tansred

Now it was easy to identify the pieces, but even with the layers printed by the computer it took me about half an hour to finish a construction.

Be aware! Colors in the computer solution don't match the colors of the real pieces.

Especially I like the two constructions with rotational symmetry. I think the splitting plane between the two halfs can be seen even in the picture.

The next pictures show how two congruent trapeziums can be combined for different figures.

At last I'd like to show you different kind of symmetries. The tower with rotational symmetry has two parts with rotated grid structure. The layers for the tower are here