Rounded Tetrominoes

The picture shows the 22 Rounded Tetrominoes laser cut from 6mm transparent arcryl in an 8x11 rectangle. A friend produced another set from 3mm acrylic with his milling machine to test this process for the larger set of Rounded Pentominoes. In both cases I started with an SVG-file from my program and converted it to a dxf-file.

A lot of other constructions with this set of Rounded Tetrominoes are shown at the Logelium site.

I had a look at the 34 one-sided pieces and made a set of real pieces from magnetic foil

They can be arranged in a jagged square.

Beside the 17x8 rectangle several figures with rotational or bilateral symmetry are possible.

We can also look for combinations of squares or jagged squares.

The sets of parallel or diagonal polarized Rounded Tetrominoes contain 38 or 39 pieces respectively. Instead of stripes I used rectangles or rhombs as cells to show two constructions.

The polarized one-sided set has 67 pieces with a total area of 67*2=268. Because of the slash shaped piece neither a 4x67 rectangle nor a 3x54 jagged rectangle are possible to construct but I found a pattern with two axis of symmetry.