Reading and Getting Solutions

It's a little bit difficult to show the layers of constructions with clipped and extended polycubes. As usual a dot indicates a connection to the above cube or halfcube and the little square shows a connection to the cube or half cube below. At the dashed lines half cubes and cubes are joined in the layer and an arrow indicates a separating plane going down along the direction of the arrow.

If you think hand solving is too hard, reading the drawings is a little puzzle of its own.
Perhaps you'd like to find your own constructions and need some help from a program, you can download it from here .

Don't try to get a solution in one step! It will last some time, if the number of pieces exceeds 20 or so. It's a good idea to split the construction, check for easy and hard pieces and lock the easy ones during trying the first part of the forms.

Good luck!

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