Bridged Triamonds

Two-sided Pieces

In the picture above the 11 pieces are shown. They were laser cut from 6mm acrylics many years ago. At the Logelium site you can see many constructions with these pieces. Below there are some pictures using the real acrylic pieces.

One-sided Pieces

Here are the 16 one-sided pieces, which I printed with my 3d printer. The bottom sides are plain but the top sides have an higher border.

I looked for convex polygons and got six constructions with different symmetries.

The first polygon is a 4-fold replica of the trapezium piece in the set. There is only one other symmetric piece and a pair of mirror twins, which can be replicated this way.

Many constructions with triangular or hexagonal symmetry are also shown at the Logelium site. Here are three examples made with the printed pieces.

At the triangle of size 7 there is an hole in the center. It's possible to get the empty place at any position of this triangle. The solutions are here .