Bridged Polyspheres with up to 3 Spheres

Using the set of 8 pieces with exactly 3 spheres it is possible to get some symmetric constructions not too difficult to solve them even by hand. A beveled box with 3 planes of mirror symmetry is shown.

Two pedestals with two planes of mirror symmetry are also possible.

There are only three pieces with one or two spheres, which can be assembled to get a little square pyramid of size 2.

Adding the single sphere to the brigded trispheres we have 9 pieces with a total volume of 25. Now we can get a figure with an octogonal bottom layer and four planes of symmetry.

Also a square pedestal is possible.

Adding the two bridged dispheres to the brigded trispheres we have 10 pieces with a total volume of 28. A multiple construction of two pyramids can be made

Also a pedestal with two layers of size 3x6 and 2x5 is possible.

Constructions with all 11 pieces made of one to three spheres must have a volume of 29 spheres. I found a kind of basin with four planes of symmetry and a truncated pyramid of size 3 with the top sphere removed.