Hexakis Icosahedron

In the section about covered Catalan Solids pictures of virtual Hexakis Icosahedrons are already shown. Later on I decided to print the 120 triangles to get a real object and I chose two colors for the 60 pairs of mirror pieces. Then I added a notch at each side of the pieces in different distances from the center (rigth, left, far right, far left). This way you can get 4^3=64 different pieces. Discarding pieces, where all three notches are at same positions 64-4=60 pieces are left. Together with the mirror pieces we have 120 different triangles, which can be connected at matching notches to get the whole Hexakis Icosahedron. The obj-files of all pieces are here.

A set of six pieces can be connected to get a kind of larger regular triangle. Due to the computer solution this was done for 20 sets.

10 of these larger triangles can be combined to get halves of the Hexakis Icosahedron.

The finished construction showed, that the computer solution and the printing of the pieces are ok, because all triangles fit together and all notches matched.